by Neokmos

What we do

Business Planning and Reorganization

Defining and redefining activities that create added value, as well as building sustainable business plans.

Organizing and expanding sales potential

Honing the focus of the sales network, refining its presence on the ground, and realigning its key account staff. Developing incentive and motivational tools for sales staff. Developing new sales and distribution channels.

Logistics and Procurement

Optimizing Sell-in/Sell-Out and warehousing, in line with the client’s distribution strategies and standards. Strategic analysis of the procurement process and rationalization of the supplier portfolio.


Setting up and optimizing industrial processes in line with the principles of Lean Production and Continuous Improvement (kaizen).


Devising quantitative models for key functions, such as sales budgets, production, and financials, and reconciliation with the corporate balance sheet.

Financial Planning and Restructuring

Reconciling assets and liabilities, while generating cash flow.

Examples of successful expertises


Company reorganization

We specialize in business change. The time comes for every company to turn the page. We work with entrepreneurs in considering fresh perspectives, teasing out hidden talents, and injecting innovation into how the team thinks and works.


Organizing and boosting sales

Businesses need customers. There are many ways to reach them and interact with them to create added value for all concerned. We maximize the performance of our retailing clients, whether they are a brand, or operate in the private label sector. We help them to handle the most demanding customer and to seize opportunities as they occur.



We have expert knowledge of food and pharmaceutical packaging (primary and secondary pack),production systems (from assembly line manufacture to procurement optimization) for multilayer packaging products, whether paper or thin-aluminum foil



We help entrepreneurs understand the dynamics of stock optimization and handling. We measure and optimize performance, whether in-house or via outsourcing.



People’s value lies in their intelligence. We maximize scope for the use of brain power on the production line through small-scale interventions, to enhance layouts, digitization, and remote control.


Management Reporting Systems

We simplify data, the better to focus on those that are essential for driving growth. Numbers become information, the better to decide or help others decide in as clearheaded a manner as possible. A manager’s job includes measuring, while the CEO’s responsibilities include assessing the potential risks related to decisions taken, information that is then shared with the team.

What we don’t do
(but we know people who do)
– R&D – Marketing Strategy – Financial Restructuring – Human Resources – M&A